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We specialise in storm water drainage, new sewer main construction, alterations, deviations and upgrades

SSC prides itself through quality works on Sydney Water assets. Our main objective is to cooperate with government agencies and construction bodies to assist with constructing the required sewer mains for all associated structures. We are recognised for our efficiency in planning and producing an economical and environmentally friendly project plan.

We at Sydney Sewer Constructors are known to build a long-lasting relationship with our clients which include Local, State and Federal Government departments and Major Building Construction Companies. These organisations are leaders of developments in their field, and we are honoured that our clients can place trust in us to provide safe and efficient work of excellence.

SSC has been in operation since 2003 & has built its reputation on knowledgeable and experienced professionals. The Director, Adham Kabalan has experience in In-Ground Civil Infrastructure and is a Qualified Practicing Structural Design Engineer with extensive engineering knowledge. SSC is an accredited supplier of Sydney Water for Minor Works, and are a highly trained organisation with high standards in executed works and finishes.

SSC maintains its reputability through its drive to provide outstanding services and deliverable outcomes according & abiding to the relevant Australian Standards.


Sydney Water Minor Works

Sydney Water Minor Works



What We Do

Sewer Sidelines

Sewer sidelines connect the Sydney Water sewer mains to individual properties. There are multiple new and existing dwellings requiring this type of connection. Working hand in hand with the Builder/Owner and WSC Designer, SSC are able to assist with this service being a listed provider


Sewer Junctions

New Junctions can be required when subdividing and adding new connections to existing mains. SSC can provide sewer junctions to Sydney Water sewer mains and have dealt with a vast variety of junctions as well as complex connections. Our experience is unchallenged among the industry.


Sewer Encasement

Any construction over the zone of influence or existing sewer requires an encasement of the existing sewer. Sewer encasement provides strength to the existing sewer and can prevent future leaks. SSC are listed providers for Sydney Water Minor Works and can provide sewer encasement services



Latest Projects



Sydney Water Minor Works










Frequently Asked Questions

I’m planning to build, develop or subdivide – do I need a Sydney Water Section 73 Certificate?
  • You may need a Section 73 Certificate if your development or subdivision will impact on Sydney Water’s systems.
  • You do not need a Section 73 Certificate if you are constructing a house which is replacing an existing dwelling or altering/extending a house (but you should get your building plans checked and stamped at a Sydney Water office).
What does Sydney Water do once receiving a Section 73 Application?
  • Once Sydney Water has received a Section 73 Application investigation takes place to determine the servicing needs of the subdivision or development. If there are any requirements, a response is then prepared by Sydney Water. The Developer is then advised through Sydney Water’s Notice of Requirements. Where Sydney Water finds there are no requirements, a Section 73 Certificate is issued to the Developer.
  • However, where Requirements are defined, Officers of the Urban Development Business manage the Process for meeting those requirements and when these have been met the Section 73 Certificate is issued to the Developer.
What is a Section 73 certificate?
  • A Section 73 certificate is Sydney Water’s confirmation that you have, constructed works in accordance to the relevant Australian Standards & certifies that the development has the correctly sized sewer mains available for connection.
Do I need a Section 73 for my Development Application (DA)?
  • Your local council requires a Development Application unless your proposal is classed as exempt. Most developments affect Sydney Water’s water and/or sewer systems and therefore require you to obtain a Section 73 Certificate. You will need to obtain your certificate where it is a condition of consent, along with meeting all other conditions of consent before you receive final council approval to occupy the building or register your subdivision at the Land Titles Office.

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Our company is fully accredited with Sydney Water. Our service excellence has established Sydney Sewer Constructors as a Industry leader